Driving the
Digital Transformation
in the Cutting Industry

The digital transformation is changing the world. Companies have to adapt existing processes in the shortest possible time and replace them with more efficient digital solutions. If you don't constantly question how you can create new products, new services and new ecosystems, you are putting your company at risk.

Expercut is your partner for the digital transformation in the cutting industry. Experienced specialists. Future-proof software. Customized solutions. For the benefit of our customers. For the benefit of your customers.

Let's change the cutting industry together. With creative thinking and fresh ideas. With full attention and extensive specialist knowledge. And with a keen eye for the future.


Expercut is new and established at the same time. Fresh and new ideas. Established as a team in the market. With strategic partners. Aligned to innovation, teamwork and growth.


Expercut is the powerhouse for software projects related to the integration of cutting processes into efficient business and production solutions.


Strategic partnerships are the foundation for all our projects. Expercut is premium partner for market leading SigmaNEST and AutoPOL.


Helpdesk 24/7 and always the lastest updates. This guarantees maximum stability as well as constant optimization, strengthening your position in the market and in competition.